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Public Relations on the Internet

Online PR aims to achieve visibility in digital media. We help you to increase your presence on the web – for example by publishing editorial articles including a backlink to your company or brand website.

Increase web visibility through online PR

More and more clients want to be present online – preferably with a backlink. In order to achieve this goal, an intelligent content marketing strategy is often the best way to prepare and offer high-quality information.

An important benefit of online PR is its responsiveness. Do you need attention for your company or your product at very short notice? Then online PR is the first and most effective way to achieve editorial articles very quickly. Because online editors work really fast and short-term: When a press release is distributed by us, it is usually published on the same day.

Backlinks through online PR

The supreme discipline of good online PR is to achieve backlinks to the corporate or brand website, for example. A backlink is ultimately an indication that the content was of such quality that the online medium considers it sensible to use the backlink to refer the reader to another useful source of information. If this is the customer’s website or brand, the customer benefits twice. And we call it SEO-PR.

As a benchmark for measuring the value of editorial websites, we work, for example, with the so-called Domain Authority or the Sistrix Visibility Index“ (SI).

Do you want to build up an online reputation, implement successful content marketing and generate backlinks?

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