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Influencer relations are an important discipline in the communication mixture

In almost every topic there are bloggers and influencers who have taken over the function of opinion leaders (influencers, multipliers, alpha bloggers). Influencers are like seismographs that pick up trends at an early stage, shape opinions and thus also influence journalists of online and print media. If you want to work with influencers, you need to know their social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In this way, enormous coverage can be achieved.

Interacting with bloggers: How to reach influencers

Blogger relations and influencer relations are not press relations. Many bloggers and influencers are open and willing to cooperate, but no blogger wants to be seen as a low-cost advertising alternative. Bloggers want to communicate at the same level. This requires a reasonable study of their blogs and the topics they write about. A strong brand fit is therefore important. Only in this way it can be assumed that a positive brand experience is the result.

Blogger Events: Personal contact and interaction with bloggers

A good way to reach multiple bloggers at the same time is to have blogger events. Example: One of our customers from Great Britain launched his hair removal device in Germany. As the first step of communication was to achieve publications in blogs, we compiled a list of selected bloggers from the beauty and lifestyle sectors and invited them to a kick-off event in Hamburg. Initial posts were already submitted via social media during the event.

Bottom line

In case of a product launch, the route via the blogger is a very good start in order to quickly achieve high coverage for the target group without wastage. Personal relationships can also be quickly established, which can even be transferred to the private level and thus strengthen the emotional bond even further.

Blogger Relations agency: Your advantages

Benefit from working with bloggers and influencers through professional blogger relations by an experienced agency:

  • Readers trust authentic authors (bloggers) more than advertising and sometimes more than articles by classic journalists
  • Established bloggers enjoy credibility among their audiences and usually have large reach as well
  • Some blogs are even quoted by classic media
  • Bloggers ensure that your topics are quickly spread on social networks
  • Experienced bloggers are good trend indicators
  • Readers often have a strong identification with “their” bloggers, as both often come from the same target group due to age and interests

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