Rebecca Epmann

Trainee PR & Blogger Relations

Rebecca Epmann
Rebecca Epmann, Portrait Foto

Junior Consultant PR & Blogger Relations

Rebecca Epmann is a PR Trainee at Industrie-Contact. Her areas of responsibility include classic press work, online PR and social media. She works for both national and international clients in the B2B and B2C sectors in various industries.

Rebecca Epmann is the newest member of the team at Industrie-Contact (IC) and a newcomer in the industry. In 2016 she moved to Japan as part of her master’s degree in Japanese Studies to work as a translator and in quality control for a messenger service.

In her career Rebecca has had to acquire a variety of expertise. Her main focus has been on intercultural communication and technical topics, such as the electronic automobile market and apps. She works for IC in the following industries: Beauty & health, lifestyle, industry & technology, beverage and culture in the B2B and B2C sector for national and international customers.


A passion for language, culture and travel

After graduating from high school, Rebecca spent a voluntary social year in an institution for people with disabilities in Tokyo. There she had her first contact with Japanese culture – a first contact that strongly influenced her later education. During her one-year stay, she travelled through various Asian countries, including China, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and Myanmar, and made close friends.

But she has also travelled a lot within Europe – to Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Ireland and Scotland. Fascinated by language and different cultures, she tries to get in touch with the people in each new country and to absorb new impressions.

Through her work abroad – where she worked with a variety of people, using different forms of communication – Rebecca has developed a strong penchant for language. During her studies she took courses in literary writing, linguistics and literary studies. In her spare time she reads a lot and also writes stories herself.

But she also enjoys a good glass of red wine, an evening with friends and long walks through Hamburg – because she just moved to Hamburg.