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Logo Southard CommunicationsSouthard Communications functions as a partner with clients to build businesses quickly in an impactful and measurable manner.

  • Although our practice centers on effective implementation of public relations campaigns, we operate with the clear understanding that our ultimate goal is to ensure achievement of business development and growth targets for our client companies.
  • We are passionate about achieving success in partnership with our clients. Through extensive research, media monitoring, and accurate identification of challenges and obstacles, we present our clients with well-informed and incisive strategies to help them remain at the forefront of new trends and developments in their respective industries.
  • We are results-oriented and committed to producing a measurable impact on the bottom line. We believe that the time and resources of our clients are precious and must be implemented to achieve maximum impact. As such, we design all of our tactics to yield quantifiable results for our clients.
  • We operate with integrity to present our clients with the best counsel and strategies to secure success. Honest, well-informed feedback is one of the most valuable assets one can gain in communicating with the media and industry experts. Southard will relay this feedback and work with clients to continually improve the company’s reputation and offerings.

How we do it

We possess a disciplined, principled approach incorporating four key elements:

  • Visionary Ideas: Using our keen understanding and in-depth knowledge of the industries in which our clients operate, we are able to meld innovative ideas with multi-tiered, comprehensive campaigns strategically designed to capture the interest of target audiences.
  • Maximized Efficiency: We are committed to maximizing the reach of our clients’ PR budgets. Implementing top-down approaches for utmost impact in media placement proliferation, we efficiently position our clients to become recipients rather than seekers of media inquiries and interest.
  • Attentive Service: Southard values the time and business of our clients. We are dedicated to offering a high level of service, flexibility, and expertise to meet the needs of our clients’ businesses.
  • Impeccable Execution: As all of our accounts are managed by senior level executives, our clients benefit from the high standard of quality, expertise and results we consistently provide.

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