Evident P.R.

Netherlands - Amersfoort


Logo Evident P.R.Evident P.R. ensures more credibility and authority for the brand(s) of ambitious organizations. For more than 20 years Evident P.R. has been advocating marketing PR with proven results. We go beyond sending, informing and convincing. After all, public relations (PR) is all about relationships resulting from social contacts. Not a monologue, but a dialogue. Thanks to social media, this dialogue no longer takes place with and via journalists only, but also via a new group of influencers: you, them, everybody!

Free publicity has always had an enormous effect. More credibility is obtained if ‘someone else’ rather than yourself talks about your brand. Marketing PR gives brands the ‘power of the message’. And that is crucial these days, if you want to be the talk of the town in the (social) media. We will provide ambassadors for the message of your brand! The result: bigger authority of your brand!

Evident P.R. is one of the few agencies in the Netherlands that is specialized in marketing PR. We have been the forerunner in this field for years now. Time after time we prove that an active marketing PR policy leads to results only if executed in a targeted and methodical manner. Evident P.R. opts for working with internal specialists instead of generalists. This distinguishes us from other PR agencies. At our agency, the senior communications advisor is the customer manager. The experienced editor writes newsworthy and journalistically creative texts, while the media advisor knows what goes on in terms of media. We are also fully specialized in social media. Thorough mutual coordination complements this choice for quality.

PRGN partner in Amersfoort (Netherlands): www.publicrelations.nl