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Logo cometis AGcometis is a leading investor relations consulting firm in Germany and Europe. cometis provides a comprehensive range of investor relations and financial media relations services to companies across Europe and North America. Its focus lies in the field of strategic investor relations, IPO communication, M&A communication and crisis communication, but also ongoing investor relations consulting.

Based on a deep understanding of the capital markets and financial transactions and an extensive network that includes the major players (investors, analysts, journalists, banks and consultants), cometis is able to communicate in a target-oriented manner and position you and your company within the European capital markets and the public perception.

Its team of more than 20 professionals based in Frankfurt am Main / Wiesbaden, Germany, has managed more than 500 capital market-related projects over the past years. The firm has a global network of investor relations, sales and corporate communications experts in all financial centers around the world.

cometis is the IR service agency for steering your company successfully through the European financial markets.

PRGN partner in Wiesbaden (Germany):