Coast Communications

Sweden - Stockholm


Logo Coast CommunicationsCoast Communications is a leading Scandinavian communications agency with an office in Stockholm – and close affiliates in Norway, Denmark and Finland. We offer you single-point-of-contact in Scandinavia.

At Coast Communications, your business objectives and personal goals are our guiding star. We offer strategy, tactics and execution within the areas of communication, PR, online marketing and social/digital media. We help your company reach its business goals through customised activities. And we help you in strengthening your personal communication, letting you achieve greater success and impact as a leader. We measure the results of our efforts, allowing you to see how communication, PR and marketing create value and ROI for your business.

Coast Communications is network based as we want to offer the best specialised and competent consultants within all trades and business areas. Quality must be absolute top. But still at a fair price. If you choose us as your communications agency in Scandinavia, you’ll be getting a customised team with a regular Client Leader as well as regularly associated senior consultants and experts with the proper trade and business expertises.

Coast Communications firmly believes in close and long-lived client and network relations. We are dedicated to giving you the best results in the business, proactivity and the finest level of service as well as a personal, attentive and energetic senior consultant that will challenge you in good humour and have plenty of time. During a crisis situation, you’ll have help at hand 24/7. And in the everyday operations, we’ll be planning our activities for the long term with a focus on measurable results, high quality, dialogue and evaluation.

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