Public Relations Services on an International Scale

Since the mid-1990s Industrie-Contact started to offer Public Relations services on a global scale. It started with partners in France and the UK but obtained much more drive in 2002 when the agency joined the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN). Beyond PRGN we maintain relations to many more agencies all over the world in order to provide in the full sense of the word unbounded PR services.

Global Public Relations networking beyond PRGN

IC helped to enlarge PRGN from a network with not more than a good dozen of agencies to an organization with more than 50 agencies on all six continents. But the goal has never been only making the network bigger but also to make it better. 2014/15 Industrie-Contact’s CEO Uwe Schmidt was the President of the Public Relations Global Network. One of his key ideas was to get PRGN in touch with other networks and other agencies. That’s where the idea came from to seek proximity for instance to The Network One, one of the world’s leading independent agency network for advertising, communications, PR, media, and digital agencies.

Bilateral PR contacts to further agencies

Moreover, Industrie-Contact was convinced that for certain markets it needs one-on-one relationships to certain specialized agencies. By thinking the same way, other agencies from around the world that need communications support in Germany, came in touch with us. Thereby, we have gained new partners in many countries such as the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, China, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. All these relationships are conducted openly. Both sides can be clients or contractors, depending on requirements. We are also happy to bring partners together with other partners of ours when someone is needed.

Industrie-Contact as professional touchpoint for companies and other organizations for the D-A-CH region

Last but not least, companies and other organizations from other countries, as yet not having a professional PR agency partner on the ground in Germany, find us through Google search. Beyond Germany we can provide PR services also for Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland (about 60% of the country). This region is also called D-A-CH.

Hamburg – Germany’s media capital and the home of the Elbphilharmonie

Our agency is located where the media and the culture are. Hamburg is the get to go place in Germany. Since the Elbphilharmonie was opened in November 2016, Hamburg has become the hottest spot in Germany. Actually, we have to say as proud Hamburgians, the city was already before. But the Elbphilharmonie which compares easily with the Sydney Opera House, has kicked Hamburg in the global city champions league. Beside culture, Hamburg is a very big agency place. The most creative ad firms are based in Hamburg. This also applies for the big PR agency scene in Hamburg. Famous publishing houses like G&J have their HQ in Hamburg as well. All these communications organizations are invigorating the city every day.

Last but not least, Hamburg’s quality of life is huge thanks to the harbor, the rivers Elbe and Alster, the inner-city lake Alster, the canals. All this presents Hamburg as a beauty of its own kind. The life quality is superior. The attitude of the people is international, broadminded and generous.

Global PR Partners

Global PR Partners

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