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Werben & Verkaufen

Werben & Verkaufen (W&V) is a trade magazine for the communications and media industry. It is published by Werben & Verkaufen, which is part of the Ebner Media Group. Its paid circulation in the fourth quarter of 2021 was 16,260 copies, down 49.7 percent since the first quarter of 1998.

The magazine was first published on April 4, 1963, when it was still published by Europa Fachpresse Verlag. The initial circulation was 6,300 copies. The target group is marketing and advertising professionals from agencies, the media and advertising companies.

Since 1999, the publishing house has organized the German Media Award. This award was launched by W&V’s sister magazine media & marketing, which was merged into W&V in 2009.

Since 2009, the publishing house has bundled most of its products under the W&V umbrella brand. Thus, the magazine media & marketing was renamed W&V Media, and W&V Praxis and special issues are also published regularly under the name. The publisher also maintains the classified ad markets W&V Wer Wo Was, W&V Markt and W&V Spots. With Job-Network, a network for job offers is operated.

In January 2013, the publication date of Werben & Verkaufen was swapped with that of Kontakter, which was also published by Werben & Verkaufen at the time. The magazine was subsequently published on Mondays instead of Wednesdays.

From January 2019, the magazine was no longer published weekly, but 15 times a year. Since January 2020, it has been published monthly.

In December 2020, Süddeutscher Verlag sold the publishing house Werben & Verkaufen to Ebner Media Group.