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tina is a weekly women’s magazine published by the Bauer Media Group since 1975. The editorial office is in Hamburg. ‘tina’ is supplemented by tina Koch & Back-Ideen.

tina is one of Germany’s biggest weekly women’s magazines. For over 40 years, tina has been there for us women: with Germany’s best recipes, the healthy diet, the top guide from all areas of life, the latest reports. Our editors travel the world for readers to write the most exciting stories about people and animals for them. tina is there for them: tina strengthens families, helps animals and supports committed people.

What is tina?

Tina is the weekly premium women’s magazine that perfectly suits the reader’s active everyday family life.

Why tina?

Whether on the subject of recipes, health, decoration, or gardening – tina always has the right advice!

What else does tina do?

tina helps you stay healthy! Whether it’s fitness, wellness or news from the world of medicine, the best experts provide readers with advice on the subject of health.