Mild & spicy flavor

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Mild & spicy flavor

Highest product quality since 1992

Our Patros is characterized by authentic, mildly spicy flavor that adds a Mediterranean touch to dishes. As the leading white cheese brand in Germany, Patros offers a wide variety of cheese enjoyment made from cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk and purely natural ingredients. With our values of conviviality, originality and joie de vivre, we want to inspire you, your family and friends to enjoy Patros together without a care in the world.



We make our original Patros from fresh cow’s milk. This ensures a mildly spicy taste, which is very popular not only in this country. In the spicy Patros Feta – as prescribed by the original recipe – sheep’s milk from Greece and for refinement still three percent goat’s milk. Our Patros goat cheese has a flavor profile full of character and is made according to a traditional recipe in Greece from 100% Greek goat’s milk.

And no matter which variety – where Patros is on it, all the know-how of our experienced master cheesemakers is in it. They produce our products according to original recipes and in the traditional way. Best quality is a matter of course for us.

That is why all our products are made without genetic engineering. This means not only our milk, but also all other raw materials used for our Patros products are guaranteed GMO-free. For example, our dairy cows are not fed genetically modified feed.

But what actually makes the very special Patros taste? It’s its unique cheese cultures. After pasteurization (heating to 72°C), the milk is pre-ripened with natural lactic acid bacteria for about 20 minutes and thickened with rennet. The lactic acid bacteria give the cheese its special aroma. The curd is cut into cubes using a cheese harp, after which the whey is allowed to escape from the solid parts. The cubes are filled into molds and turned several times. Then it goes off into the brine. There, the cheese absorbs salt and acquires its typical, mildly spicy aroma.



When it comes to cheese, there are centuries-old traditions and experiences. They are passed down from generation to generation and are still used unchanged today. We use this wealth of experience and combine it with our cheese know-how to create what cheese fans know and love: delicious, mildly spicy Patros.

In other words, every piece of Patros is a genuine quality product, made from cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk according to original recipes and traditional production methods.

By the way, our original Patros Feta from sheep’s milk and our Patros goat cheese have a very special origin:
Their basis are the aromatic grasses of the Greek mountainsides where the sheep and goats graze. There, the animals eat tasty green from their surroundings at will and give milk for the so-called “white gold of Greece” – the feta and goat cheese – which then provide a Mediterranean feeling in your kitchen.