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The Hamburger Morgenpost (Hamburg Morning Post) (also known as Mopo) is a daily German newspaper published in Hamburg in tabloid format. As of 2006 the Hamburger Morgenpost was the second-largest newspaper in Hamburg after Bild Zeitung.

The Hamburger Morgenpost was founded in 1949 as a tabloid daily newspaper with a circulation of 6,000 copies by the Hamburg journalist and SPD man Heinrich Braune, initially against resistance from within the SPD’s own ranks. It appeared for the first time on September 16, 1949, and was published by the SPD-owned publishing house Auerdruck. Until the end of 1966, the Hamburg Echo was also published by Auerdruck, but the SPD treasurer at the time, Alfred Nau, in his capacity as chairman of the publishing house’s supervisory board, forced the publishing house’s less successful managing director, Hellmut Kalbitzer, to discontinue the paper. By the end of the 1950s, Mopo circulation had risen to 450,000 copies. After the Bild-Zeitung from the Axel Springer publishing house appeared as the second tabloid on the Hamburg newspaper market, the circulation of the Hamburger Morgenpost also fell steadily. By 1972, it had dropped to 351,000. Due to existing competition with other daily newspapers, such as the Hamburger Abendblatt, founded in 1948, interest in party-affiliated newspapers in Hamburg had also declined.

In 1980, the SPD sold the newspaper to Swiss businessman Eduard Greif, who resold it to Gruner + Jahr in 1986. In 1986, the Morgenpost was one of the founders of the radio station Radio Hamburg and has since held a five percent stake in the radio station. In 1986/87, Bremer Morgenpost published a local edition in Bremen, which was discontinued after a few months. By 1989, circulation had fallen to 135,000. In 1999, Gruner + Jahr sold the Morgenpost to Frank Otto and Hans Barlach.

In 2000, the chief reporters of the Hamburger Morgenpost, Olaf Wunder and Volker Schimkus, were among the winners of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s German Local Journalism Award. They received the special prize for the investigative series Mister X.

In 2004, Hans Barlach acquired all shares from Frank Otto before all shares were taken over by BV Deutsche Zeitungsholding in January 2006. BV Deutsche Zeitungsholding was sold by the British Mecom Group to the Cologne-based media group M. DuMont Schauberg in January 2009.

On January 11, 2015, an Islamist arson attack was carried out on the Morgenpost archive. The Morgenpost had reprinted Mohammed cartoons after the Charlie Hebdo attack. In July 2017, three men were sentenced for this to suspended sentences of up to two years and to perform labor services. Another man was sentenced to perform labor services only.

The Discovery Dock experience opened in May 2019.

On February 6, 2020, DuMont Mediengruppe announced the sale of Hamburger Morgenpost to entrepreneur Arist von Harpe.