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Medicinal skin care

The medicinal ointment base, Eucerit, was discovered more than 100 years ago, initiating a small revolution and laying the groundwork for Beiersdorf’s future success. Today the company offers a range of highly effective skin care products under the Eucerin brand name. The dermocosmetic products are based on the latest scientific findings and promote healthy, radiant skin. Dermatologists and pharmacists know that – and therefore, recommend Eucerin.


Medicinal expertise

Healthy, radiant skin is not only our area of expertise, but also our passion, which is why we’re always doing research to develop even better, more effective skin care products.


Eucerin – The Medical Skin Care Brand

Many products that are available from pharmacies today such as ointments, creams, or special lotions for sensitive skin can trace their roots back to a single basic ingredient: Eucerin. The ointment base produced using the emulsifying agent Eucerit enabled active ingredients in ointment form to be applied directly to the skin.

Today, the Eucerin range comprises several high-quality product lines that provide effective skin care from head to toe.