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bon Optic

Partner at eye level

Ophthalmic devices and equipment can be purchased from many channels. But if it is a partner you are looking for, someone who can provide valuable advice across a range of brands and quick and reliable service, then with bon Optic you are at the right address. Regardless of your specialty be it an ophthalmic clinic, a practice , dispensing optics or Optometry – we are your eye level partner.

Top Service

Service quality is an important argument for bon. We do everything we can to ensure the operational readiness of your equipment in everyday work or to restore it as quickly as possible. And another small but important difference: When you call us, you immediately have a personal contact person on the line.

Delivery. Installation. Training.

Large devices such as slit lamps or diagnostic stations are delivered to you by our service team and completely assembled (within Germany). Smaller deliveries are reliably sent to you by UPS. Professional, detailed instruction in your new equipment is our top priority. Our experienced medical product consultants will be happy to train you on site or at our headquarter in Lübeck.