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advanced converting solutions

Currently with around 100 employees and an annual production volume of one billion punched parts, tesa Converting Center GmbH (formerly acos advanced converting solutions GmbH) specializes in self-adhesive precision punched parts made from adhesive tapes and laminates consisting of various materials from within the tesa Group.

Nowadays, self-adhesive precision punched parts have become indispensable in many industries. In order to produce a first-class punched part that must comply with diverse specifications and be able to withstand extreme stress factors, high-quality materials are an important basic requirement. The tesa Converting Center develops customer-specific solutions that make a decisive contribution towards boosting efficiency, lowering costs, and improving end products for its customers. After all, it is now imperative for every sophisticated industrial production operation to be measured based on its competitiveness.

Regardless of simple or complex, punched rotating or flat, printed or unprinted, in small or large quantities – the tesa Converting Center demonstrates its material expertise and technological competence in the production of customized punched part solutions for its customers from various industries: