Why does your company need a PR strategy?

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Why does your company need a PR strategy?

PR over Advertising

Although PR measures are more credible and usually also more informative than advertising, many marketing strategists refrain from dealing intensively with the possibilities of Public Relations for their brands. But not implementing PR measures means not fully exploiting the marketing potential. Often more can be achieved with a good PR strategy than with expensive advertising campaigns – and at a much lower budget.

Talk about your products!

To successfully market products or services, four factors are important: product, price, distribution and communication. Communication is the decisive component! A perfect product, a fair price and ideal delivery conditions do not generate sales if nobody knows about it. On the other hand, many people are willing to accept high prices or long delivery times if product communication is convincing.

Sales promotion through discounts, direct marketing or classic advertising pursue other goals than public relations. They ensure rapid sales, but only bind target groups to products in the short term. With a comprehensive PR strategy, a strong and trusting relationship can be established between target groups and companies, which ensures long-term success.

Public Relations increases brand awareness in the long term

Public Relations means long-term communication with your target group beyond the classic advertising message: Typical PR channels include posts in social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing), your own contributions on the company website (blogs, podcasts) as well as editorials in print and online media.

PR is more credible and sustainable than advertising

In the case of an advertisement or a newsletter, the recipient is aware that they come from the company itself and therefore always present the products in a positive light. Every person is confronted with thousands of advertising messages every day – but they cannot consciously perceive all of them, i.e. your advertising message may fall through this grid.

In contrast, an editorial contribution on radio, TV, print or online channels is consciously consumed. A good PR strategy with factual, informative content that a company regularly presents in the media is more credible and therefore has a positive effect on the company image. The same applies to social media posts, which offer the target group real added value.

PR strengthens trust

Public Relations also aims to conduct a dialogue with the public – potential customers – in order to strengthen trust, credibility and acceptance. A good PR strategy helps to dispel any doubts you may have about your company at an early stage: you can clarify matters and answer questions to dispel concerns.

Be prepared for the crisis

Especially in times of crisis, such as the Corona pandemic, it becomes clear how important a strong community is for your company. Continuous and open communication based on trust as well as positive media reporting prepare a company for all kinds of crises: familiarity, a positive image and trust of the community help to overcome a crisis faster and more successfully.

PR budget vs. media value

If one compares media value (advertising costs) and PR costs, e.g. for a prize draw in a large women’s magazine, PR is about 1/3. Overall, PR is a far more cost-effective communication measure than classical advertising. Many measures of a good PR strategy can already be implemented with a small marketing budget. We will be happy to advise you!



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