Using Pinterest effectively for your own SEO

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Using Pinterest effectively for your own SEO

Pinterest-SEO is not magic

Pinterest was able to attract 416 million active users by August 2020. This is 116 million users more than one year ago. In Germany more than 10 million people use the visual search engine. The platform is also growing strongly here (3 million within one year). 60 percent of users are female. 73 percent are between 18 and 44 years old.

The word “Pinterest” explains well what Pinterest stands for: “Pin” stands for “attach” and “interest” means of course “interests”. So you pin your interests on an online bulletin board and do this primarily with photos and graphics. Pinning is possible on both public and private pinboards.

The search function is at the heart of the Pinterest offer. 2 billion search requests for hobbies, interests and shopping tips are sent out every month. Registered users can create pinboards, and other users can also share (repin) and comment on this image. There are a total of 240 billion stored contents worldwide. These are spread across 5 billion boards.

How can SEO be used to achieve a better Pinterest ranking?

If you have your own website or online store, you can use Pinterest to generate traffic to your website. This works best when your own pins are found on Pinterest.

  • Create company profile
    The most important thing at the beginning is to get a good company profile and to verify your own website according to these instructions. The next step is to integrate the “remember” button on your own website. This is the only way users can share content from it on Pinterest.
  • Optimize keywords
    Keywords can be quickly optimized with the Pinterest search. You enter your core search word and see what results the Pinterest search engine delivers. This is how you orientate yourself. You should also keep an eye on the keywords that are relevant for the Google search. In most cases, keywords that consist of two or more words (long-tail keywords) are obtained. The keywords must then be placed correctly: in titles and descriptions of your pins and pinboards as well as in the title of the linked content.
  • Make sure to use Rich Pins
    According to Pinterest, rich pins are a kind of organic pin that automatically synchronize information between your website and your own pins. You can recognize Rich Pins by the additional information above and below the image during close-up and by the bold title in the feed. There are product rich pins, recipe rich pins and article rich pins. Rich Pins must be applied for before you can use them. This ensures that the data is synchronized correctly. Rich Pins are available free of charge to all users on Pinterest.
  • Keep boards specific
    The thing that distinguishes good Pinterest users from bad ones is order. Those who keep order are definitely at an advantage. After all, it’s all about how easy it is to find the content. This helps the users and the algorithm of Pinterest. Pinboards should therefore be clearly defined thematically and mixing of content should be avoided.
  • Image and text quality
    In the end, good pictures (600 x 900 pixels) placed on edge are the key to success. Logos should also be included. Attractive headlines play a major role in the text. But the rest of the text must also have relevance and be well written. Wherever it makes sense, a call to action can be made. General “engagement” (for example clicks and comments) is also recommended.

Pinterest-SEO is not magic. If you follow the tips listed above, you can use Pinterest to push your own website or online store. As Pinterest continues to grow, the platform will also become increasingly important for advertisers and agencies.



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