Talk shows: How do you place a guest?

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Talk shows: How do you place a guest?

Placing talk show guests on classic TV

Despite the change in usage behavior due to streaming services, classic TV still has a strong audience: In the Corona year 2020, more people tuned in to classic TV again, according to an evaluation by AGF Videoforschung GmbH. The average viewing time of older viewers was three hours and 40 minutes. TV talk shows, especially political ones, are particularly popular and are thus a valuable platform for placing talk guests and their messages in the media.

Does the talk show guest have a chance?

Generally speaking, the criterion of “specialness” is the most decisive in the selection of guests. Anyone who is not prominent must have other characteristics that entertain the audience and the TV viewer and make them want to watch. Any interlocutor who has something to say is welcome on TV: Both so-called celebrities and people with particularly topical, important or entertaining statements.

Which talk show is suitable?

Since 1953, there have been more than 180 different talk show formats on German television and radio. Topics from politics and current affairs, the personal lives of celebrities or the fates of private individuals – the variety of topics in talk shows is unlimited.

“What all talk shows have in common is the aspect of entertainment. There are talk shows with pure entertainment value; these include, above all, the person-centered celebrity talk shows, but also portrait talk and the format of confession talk shows. In addition to their entertaining purpose, topic talk shows in particular also have an informative value. Thus, a mixture of factual-rational and emotional-entertaining discussion of current political and social issues takes place in political talk shows.”

Research on the talk show scene is an important prerequisite for the successful placement of the guest/expert. An overview of current talk shows can be found on Wikipedia. To find out which talk show is the right one, you should analyze the selected formats before contacting the editors.

What are the requirements for the talk guest?

It is important that the guest stands for an exciting topic. Should the talk be about a product, a book, film or concert, a socio-political topic, a current medical indication or an eventful life? The planned list of topics for the talk shows provides information as to whether the talk guest is even eligible. Also important is his talk show experience: In which talk shows has the guest already participated? Does he/she have camera experience? Is she/he a good speaker? The editors must find the guest and his story so interesting that they believe he can captivate the viewers. Unlike celebrities, unknown guests always need a good, informative or emotional story. A regional connection between where the guest lives or works and where the talk show is produced can also be conducive to an acceptance.

When talk show experience is lacking

If the guest does not yet have any talk show references, the editors can first compile information about the person (e.g., a vita, a brief thematic description, a video or links). A guest who is inexperienced in talk shows should definitely undergo training before his or her first appearance to prepare him or her appropriately for an emergency. In general, it is not easy to place a guest on a talk show. TV promoters usually have good contacts with the relevant editorial offices. But even they can’t work magic: It often takes months before the TV guest is placed.



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