PR prediction for 2013

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PR prediction for 2013

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

Niels Bohr (1885-1962)


But we try:

  1. The communication is becoming more and more complex, with PR playing a key role in the communication toolbox – not least because of the great credibility of editorial publications as opposed to purchased advertising placements and because of the excellent value-for-money.
  2. 360 degree communication is based increasingly on a good PR hook that can be applied to all the other communication disciplines.
  3. Online communication with its various facets remains the driving force in the communicative processes of change.
  4. Emotional events help brands boost positively.
  5. CSR is on the rise. Consumers expect companies, institutions and products which have moral integrity that allow identification.
  6. How to evaluate campaign results beyond the AVE (ad equivalent) remains an important issue, even though there are still many customers preferring this method as the easiest to follow.
  7. Customers choose PR agencies that are able to advise them to develop good hooks and stories that carry the company’s brand and philosophy and all related communication designs.

Industrie-Contact (IC) is one of the oldest (established in 1979) and most prestigious public relations agencies in Germany. The agency is based in the media capital Hamburg. Since 2002, it is member of the “invitation-only” Public Relations Global Network with a total of 44 members on all continents.



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