PR mega trends 2017

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PR mega trends 2017

Content marketing is becoming more important

A survey of PR Gateway from PR, marketing and communication representatives showed that 29.35 percent of the participants rated content marketing as a mega trend for 2017. This means that content marketing is by far the most important PR trend among respondents.

Visual PR (19.9 percent) and more relevant publications (19.35 percent) are weighted roughly equally. The significance of social media and online PR is estimated to be 11.22 percent and 8.99 percent respectively, which is significantly lower.

Content marketing, visual PR and more relevant publications are the key drivers of the PR work. 63 percent of respondents confirmed that they want to use content marketing this year. Visual PR is roughly the same with 39.6 percent of this question, and the search for relevant content is similar with 44.7 percent.

Increase of click rates through multimedia

Particularly noteworthy is the improvement of press release coverage by editors through the addition of multimedia content.

Messages containing photos or graphics are accessed 180 percent more often than text-only messages. Audio-enriched messages are perceived 140 percent more often. As soon as videos are included in the message, the click rates of a press release can even increase by 308 percent. One in ten press releases  are currently being sent out with video. The potential that multimedia enrichment of press releases promises should be utilized more effectively.

Together they are strong

The study clearly shows that it will be even more important to reach a target group via a suitable channel with appropriately prepared content. PR work must respond to these needs of end customers and journalists.

Content marketing, in combination with visual PR and enrichment with relevant content, is an important part of a successful PR work.



Die PR-Megatrends 2017
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