These are the Social Media Trends 2021

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These are the Social Media Trends 2021

New Year, New Trends

There were quite a few social media trends in the turbulent year 2020. In particular, the international video portal TikTok by the Chinese company ByteDance is becoming increasingly popular and is now also a suitable advertising platform for companies.

The experts from Talkwalker and Hubspot have made predictions about the top 10 social media trends in 2021.

#1: Social awareness

From 2020, companies should have learned that customers care about how and whether global issues are addressed. Customers expect clear positioning from companies. Significant for 2020 was, among others, the Black Lives Matter movement. Only a good product is not always enough. The background of the products and the image of each company is crucial. In 2021, companies should position themselves more boldly and thereby gain sympathy.

#2: Clear communication

The term fake news came up especially during the 2016 US presidential election. In the new year, it will also count to offer customers clear communication in order to eliminate uncertainty. The fight against fake news will also be an issue in 2021.

#3: Adapting to a new reality

The social media giants Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will continue to dominate the social media world in the coming year. Nevertheless, experts expect stricter regulation by governments. Furthermore, a stronger focus on social commerce is to be expected.

#4: Old proves itself

Marketing trends also come and go with the times. In uncertain times, however, older trends resurface – according to the motto “old proves itself”. Therefore, experts predict an increase in old school marketing in 2021, which will continue to be characterised by uncertainty. Podcasts are mentioned here as a popular means to strengthen trust in the company.

#5: Gaming and social media

The gaming industry now has its own communities. These should not be left out of sight as a target group for companies. Especially in times of isolation, gaming was seen as a popular way to stay in touch. The social aspect and connecting with each other is in the foreground. Therefore, the boundaries between the gaming industry and social media are blurring.

#6: Conversational Marketing

This trend has already become apparent in recent years. Companies are becoming closer and more personal. In 2021, this development will continue to gain importance. Particularly important is conversational marketing, which, in contrast to normal marketing, represents direct interaction with the company’s target group.

#7: Nostalgia marketing

“The good old days” – Nostalgia marketing has been established in marketing strategies for years. Experts expect a boom in the new year. After all, especially after a year that we would all prefer to erase from our memory straight away, there are all the more hopes attached to the year 2021 that everything will be the same again.

#8: Memes and business

Up to now, memes on social media have tended to be private. In 2021, however, this is set to change: Businesses will also discover memes for themselves, according to the experts’ forecast. The customer’s tolerance is increasing, but caution is still required. The right integration of memes into corporate communication helps the company to be perceived as modern.

#9: Coronavirus Content

Even if the corona pandemic should come to an end in 2021, the effects will be felt for a long time beyond. In communication, companies should continue to pay attention to four keywords: Community, Cleanliness, Contactless and Compassion.

#10: Creating Instead of Consuming

Don’t just consume, but also create: Especially the young target group of a company wants to interact. The TikTok platform makes it possible, because here companies can get into direct contact with customers and fans. The duet function on TikTok will also become a popular means for companies to share and interact in 2021.



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