Troostwijk Auctions

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Troostwijk Auctions

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When valuable photos or other expensive articles of value change hands at Sotheby’s during an auction, it is often so important that it is reported in media all around the world. The Sotheby’s for the industrial area originates from the Netherlands, working largely unnoticed by the general public while being the leader in industrial auctions in the European market. It is called Troostwijk.

The company has been selling machinery and equipment to international customers since 1930. In the meantime, this business is largely conducted online. That means Troostwijk puts auctions on its website, making it a leader in e-commerce in its business sector. Interested parties can place their bids online. The auctions are organized by industry, and within an industry there are in turn subcategories to quickly find your way around.

Troostwijk sees its aim in helping small, medium-sized and large companies to sell equipment and machinery which is no longer needed through the auctions. In addition, Troostwijk optimizes stocks (Project Asset Management), assets rating, and advises companies, banks and liquidator administrators about the job.

The mission of Industrie-Contact (IC) is to increase the level of awareness of Troostwijk among its targeted audience as well as the auctions in Germany. In order to do so IC has created a large list of media that contains both horizontal and vertical trade media.


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