Is it possible for an intern to make a successful company even better?

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Can an intern make a successful company even better?

By Yulia Zvereva, Moscow (currently in Hamburg)

Fresh Ideas and Approaches for Social Media

Being a Communication student you always hear how it is out there where you have to apply what you know in theory in real life situations. And the place where you work makes a huge difference. However, choosing the company I wanted to work for during summer was quite easy.

I have worked in big companies with a lot of people before and this time, I wanted to have a different experience, to work in a small group where everyone knows each other and which is more family like. There are older professionals and young experts that side by side and can learn from each other, share their experience and innovative approach. That was one of the reasons I chose the German PR agency Industrie-Contact (IC) as I assume that processes there are more transparent and it will be easier to understand how everything works from within.

Another point was their approach to clients. I read a lot about different public relations companies and I really liked the personal approach to each client that IC has.

I thought that my contribution to the company as a person from outside could bring some fresh ideas and approaches, especially in the media communications field, such as producing videos and social media. I believe that there is not enough information about how the company works available to the public and potential clients. And that is where I come in. Keeping the audience informed about what the company is doing and interested in what could be its next move can make a difference I believe at least I was told by professors in my university. And I hope I will get a chance to check it for myself this summer.


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