Interview with Max Reichel

Interview with Max Reichel

Bronze medallist winner at the 2015 World Rowing Junior Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Max Reichel, is presently undertaking an internship at Industrie-Contact (IC) in Hamburg

Uwe Schmidt: Hello Max, what have you been doing before you started your internship with us?

Max Reichel: I’ve completed my matriculation in the summer in Hamburg at the Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium in Poppenbüttel.

Uwe Schmidt: And what do you do for leisure?

Max Reichel: I am a sportsman. I row. I am also the coxswain for the German Junior under-23 team.

Uwe Schmidt: How often do you train in a week?

Max Reichel: Up to ten times a week. On the weekends around six times with each lasting about 90 to 120 minutes. Then during the week for an additional 4 times longer periods.

Uwe Schmidt: Where do you do your training?

Max Reichel: During the Winter on the Hamburg lake Alster. Otherwise, also at the Rowing and Canoe Intensive Training Centre in Allermöhe on the outskirts of Hamburg.

Uwe Schmidt: Which competitions do you participate in?

Max Reichel: We took part in the Junior World Champions in Rio de Janeiro in the summer and won the bronze medal.

Uwe Schmidt: I’m really impressed. Congratulations!

Max Reichel: Thank you. But we could have even become world champions. In the run-ups we beat Holland, who won the world champions.

Uwe Schmidt: I think you can also be pleased with 3rd place. What made you choose to do your internship with us?

Max Reichel: I just wanted to try out something totally different. My majors at school were in Mathematics and Science. I do have a general interest for marketing, and so this internship should really help.

Uwe Schmidt: Was the switch from school to career difficult for you.

Max Reichel: Yes, absolutely. At school you can just go with the flow. Here at the agency, I need to be actively busy for 8 hours a day. This was really a totally new experience for me. But nowadays I’ve become used to this pace.

Uwe Schmidt: Which languages do you speak?

Max Reichel: Besides German, I learnt English at school and can make myself well-understood. Furthermore, I spent a year abroad in the French speaking part of Switzerland and speak fluent French.

Uwe Schmidt: What would you still like to work on during your internship?

Max Reichel: I would really like to assist in concept work.

Uwe Schmidt: We can certainly arrange that. Thank you very much for the interview.

The interview was conducted by Chairman Uwe Schmidt at IC.


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Photo: Max Reichel

Caption: Max Reichel, bronze medallist winner at the 2015 World Rowing Junior Championships in Rio de Janeiro and presently undertaking an internship at Industrie-Contact in Hamburg


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