Intercultural interning

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Intercultural interning

By Léa Petit-Tung, Paris (currently in Hamburg)

A particular kind of pressure

Being a French student interning in Germany is quite an exciting experience which, aside from the usual feeling of anticipation you get when stepping into the unknown, comes with its own particular kind of pressure: after all, you are playing a – however indirect – role in maintaining the close relationship of our two countries.

I study Intercultural Communication and Translation; some of the classes I took this year were about understanding cultural differences and the way they translate in the workplace. It is of course too early to draw any conclusions here yet, but from what I have seen so far, the stereotype about German efficiency seems to be true.

Although I had previously come to Hamburg for an internship at a translation office, PR is new to me. Being an intern, I get to try my hand at different tasks each day. This goes from making PR calls to researching potential partners for the different brands or writing informational e-mails. To me, the most rewarding part of the job is probably building long-standing relationships with the brands.

Communication is the Key

Industrie-Contact (IC) is a mid-sized, family-like company, with a both friendly and efficient atmosphere. I’m really impressed with the way everyone works in communication with one another. And we all know that good communication is key for a healthy company.

I am confident I will learn a lot from this internship, and I hope I can contribute to the success of IC by bringing a fresh perspective from the outside.



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