Industrie-Contact joins Beirat der Wirtschaft

PR Agency Germany - Industrie-Contact
Industrie-Contact joins Beirat der Wirtschaft

IC contributes PR and Public Affairs know-how to the BdW

Industrie-Contact (IC) has now joined the BdW – Beirat der Wirtschaft e. V. At the same time, the chairman of the IC board of directors, Jürgen Klimke, who has also been a member of the German Bundestag until October 2017, has taken over the position of vice-president of the BdW. The BdW – Beirat der Wirtschaft e. V. brings together entrepreneurs and business leaders from the private sector to influence political, economic and social development with a focus on sustainability.

Within the membership, IC will position itself as a contact for communication, especially PR and press relations, and will make its know-how available from almost 40 years of experience in the industry.

Excellent contacts for members of the BdW

“In addition to our core business of traditional PR in the print and digital sectors, we also support companies in the field of public affairs, which are often seen in tandem with sustainability. Good contacts in politics, business and the media are of great importance here,” says Jürgen Klimke. “Companies are increasingly positioning themselves under sustainable aspects. We like this approach and look forward to helping members of the BdW communicate in these areas.”

About the BdW

The BdW, based in Berlin, is neutral in terms of ideology and party politics. Its members are committed personalities from various industries and national and international markets who want to help shape our country and its position in the world with competence and a sense of responsibility. The BdW contributes its knowledge and skills to the dialogue with politics, science, other business associations and society in a spirit of partnership. The members of the BdW profit from the cross-sectoral exchange of content on an equal footing and from the mutual networking.

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Monika Diem-Geßner, Member of the Board of the Business Advisory Council “BdW – Beirat der Wirtschaft e. V.”, welcomes Jürgen Klimke, Chairman of the Board of Industrie-Contact, to the BdW



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