#IC40YEARS – IC to celebrate 40th anniversary including outlook into the future

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IC40YEARS – Industrie-Contact to celebrate 40th anniversary

40 years of IC – celebrating now

Industrie-Contact (IC) is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019. Thus, it is one of the most experienced agencies in Germany. Under the motto “40 years in 40 weeks”, the agency will launch its #IC40YEARS communications campaign for the remaining 40 calendar weeks at the end of March, using social media, the agency blog, classic media and marketing campaigns. Among other things the agency will dare in a funny and visionary way a 40-year outlook into the future and will predict changes of communication in the industry as well as in humanity in general.

The agency history began 1979 with the two customers Beiersdorf and Nilfisk. The two current board members, Jürgen Klimke and Uwe Schmidt, have been on board since 1984 and 1989. An important milestone for the agency was its entry into the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) in 2002, which strongly internationalized the client structure. Uwe Schmidt held the presidency of the network in 2014/15.

International business thanks to PRGN and SEO

Another driver of the business development is the strong focus on SEO. As a result, new customers are already coming from abroad to an even greater extent than before. The focus is on the USA, the UK, other European countries, China and the Middle East. Uwe Schmidt: “We have a clear international and digital focus. We are now receiving enquiries from almost every corner of the world.”

Focus on the future

Furthermore, Jürgen Klimke, who has been a member of the German Bundestag from 2002 to 2017 in addition to his agency business, has access to a broad political network at national and international level. “The ‘Qatar Germany Business and Investment Forum’ project in 2018 was a major acquisition success in the area of public affairs,” said Jürgen Klimke. “In 2019, our anniversary year, we want to continue along the path we have embarked on and to follow it up in all areas. We are already very well positioned for the next 40 years.”


More information

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