IC and HSK celebrate 25 years of cooperation

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IC and HSK celebrate 25 years of cooperation

Our most loyal customer

The Hanseatisches Schlackenkontor (HSK) was founded in 1994. At the time, Industrie-Contact (IC) was able to prevail against several competitors in an agency pitch and win the budget. Since then, HSK and IC have been working closely together.

HSK celebrated its anniversary with the workshop “25 Years Hanseatic Ash Contor: Recycling of emvau ash – The Hamburg Way (today and tomorrow)” with around 120 renowned guests from the waste management industry and representatives of the authorities. IC has also been invited to the ceremony as a partner since the company was founded.

Successful environmental protection through a substitute building material

HSK’s anniversary is ultimately the success story of the secondary building material “emvau-schlacke” (emvau ash), which is left over from the thermal recycling of waste. As Hamburg is a small city state in terms of area and has neither its own gravel and sand works nor landfills, it makes sense to incinerate the waste and recycle the residues of this process as best as possible. The incineration of one tonne of waste leaves around 250 kg of slag, which is processed and can then be used as a building material, for example in road and surface construction. Since HSK was founded, this has now reached almost 5 million tonnes, of which around 1 million has been used in the port of Hamburg.

Making the advantages of emvau-schlacke public

Since 1994, Industrie-Contact has accompanied HSK and emvau-schlacke on their journey and implemented the following activities:


Uwe Schmidt, CEO of Industrie-Contact: “HSK is by far our longest and most loyal customer. In a fast-moving world – especially in marketing – it is an absolute exception for customers and agencies to remain loyal to each other for such a long time. That makes us proud. We wish the HSK and ourselves that the good relationship will continue for another 25 years”.


More information:

Official website Hanseatisches Schlackenkontor (HSK): www.emvau-schlacke.de



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