How to avoid gross SEO mistakes

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How to avoid gross SEO mistakes

Interplay of SEO and PR more and more important

Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes more and more important when it comes to be found by search engines. Good content placed on the own website is essential.

Current and interesting content encourages visitors to stay longer on the website and indicates Google, Bing and other search engines a relevant site. Especially PR professionals score with high quality and user-oriented content. Duplicate content should be avoided as it leads to a low ranking.

Users often wrongly assess the search results. Someone who “googles” the own company, for example, should not be blinded: Google personalizes the results, so that the own website is better displayed than it actually is. Neutral ranking analysis can enlighten about the actual state.

Some companies secure several domains for one website to catch possible typing errors of the users. Unfortunately, this might lead to duplicate content on the one hand, and on the other hand, the ranking is distributed among the domains so that the existing SEO potential is not fully used. Instead, one main domain should be selected and redirected to (or canonical referenced), in order to concentrate the ranking.

Another important factor is the correct use of keywords. While the keywords meta tag is not included in the ranking, the “on-page optimization” should contain adequate wording within the internal links which reflect the particular content of the target pages.

“Off-page optimization” is where the PR professionals come into play again. They produce significant texts including suitable keywords and ensure that the texts are placed on credible and recognized websites, for example sites from trade media. That way, SEO relevant backlinks to the own website are generate, which improve the ranking. Links on dubious websites should be avoided as they may be punishable and downgrade the website.


The Berlin SEO agency seosupport and the Hamburg-based PR agency Industrie-Contact (IC) work closely together to offer aligned SEO PR solutions to their clients.


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