How much does PR cost?

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How much does PR cost?

Introduction to PR costs

PR agency compensation was discussed in detail in the DPRG Trendbarometer 2017. No current version has been published since then. Nevertheless, the barometer offers valuable advice that is still valid today. In this updated blog, we have summarized the most important points.

Agency costs: What does it cost to work with a PR agency in Germany?

The costs for a PR agency can vary widely, depending on factors such as location, experience and specialization. Some agencies also offer flat rates for specific projects. It is important to weigh the costs against the expected benefits, as good PR work can contribute significantly to a company’s success.

Larger companies usually require more PR work, which leads to higher costs. In addition, costs depend on the type of PR activity. Press releases, events and social media campaigns have different prices. The target audience and the market in which the company operates also influence PR costs. In complex or highly competitive markets, costs can be higher. It is therefore important to have a well thought-out PR concept.

Own contribution: How much time and resources must be invested by yourself?

The cost of PR ultimately also depends on how much the customer does himself. If there is a great deal of self-involvement, it is possible to reduce expenses significantly. However, this can require considerable time and resources. Take into account strategic planning, communication with the media and the creation of press releases. Working with influencers or organizing events can also be done in-house. But be careful: professional PR work requires expertise and experience. Mistakes from too much thriftiness can damage the image and ultimately come more expensive. Therefore, one should weigh whether the savings are worth the possible risks.

Additional expenses: Costs for press materials, events and advertising materials

In addition to the fees for PR consultants or PR agencies, further costs are to be expected. For example, PR materials such as press kits, infographics or videos must be paid for. Events can also account for a large portion of PR costs. These include conferences, trade fairs, launch events for product launches or corporate press events. Advertising materials such as flyers, posters or online ads are not part of the PR measures, but complement them in terms of advertising.

Tips for cost optimization in PR work

The following approaches help to minimize the cost of PR work:

  1. In-house PR team: Instead of hiring an external agency to handle all the tasks, an in-house team can implement parts of the work itself.
  2. Digital tools can help automate certain tasks.
  3. Building good relationships with journalists and influencers can reduce the need for costly advertising.
  4. Content recycling: Content can be used in various formats or re-used in a modified form.
  5. Measurable results: Clear, measurable targets help to make PR work efficient and avoid unnecessary spending.

Costs should always be kept in mind, but it is also important to remember that PR is not a cost, but an investment that pays off in the long run.

How much does a press release in Germany cost?

The cost of a press release for a PR agency is usually between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. However, this usually includes not only the writing of the release, but also the preparation of the media list and media pitching.

This checklist of activities helps to better assess the price of a press release:

  • Reading and processing the client’s brief and doing further research.
  • Developing a good hook for the press release.
  • Writing the press release.
  • Coordination with client.
  • Compiling the media distribution list (end customer media, trade media (industry media, target industry media), business media, etc.) and identifying the right contacts in the editorial department.
  • Design of the press release.
  • Coordination with customer.
  • Sending out the press release.
  • Monitoring the media.
  • Publication reports and compilation of clippings.

All of this takes time and expertise and is not available for little money. The items mentioned in the checklist are not automatically included in a PR offer. However, the list helps the client to better understand the total price. The daily rate for PR consultants should be shown in the PR offer. If not, this can be requested. This may be higher in relation to the Free PR Consultant fee, but an agency can usually offer a more comprehensive PR service.

Some customers also want to book PR services as a flat rate package? This is of course possible. PR fees and the service effort must therefore always be seen in relation. Every serious company knows that public relations offers excellent value for money in relation to the cost of advertising, if it is done well. The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR is not without reason the name of a famous standard work which shows that good public relations can have a much greater and more credible impact than advertising.

What are the hourly rates of PR services?

Services (fee per hour)

Number of employees< 1011-5051-100101-500501-1000> 1000total (median)
Chief Consultancy (owner, associate, CEO)145,00200,00200,00250,00300,00350,00180,00
Strategic advisory140,00160,00180,00182,50250,00250,00150,00
Project management, controlling (eg. senior consultant)120,00142,50160,00170,00200,00180,00140,00
Planning, design105,00140,00150,00150,00200,00180,00140,00
Research, analysis, evalutaion, communication controlling100,00100,00132,50127,50100,00120,00100,00
Text, editorial100,00110,00125,00122,50125,00150,00105,00
Graphics, web design90,00100,00100,00116,50125,00110,00100,00
Social media, community management86,50100,00125,00135,00125,00120,00100,00
secretariat, documentation61,5075,0080,0075,0075,0090,0070,00

(expressed in Euro (free value input, median), n=92, Source: DPRG Honorar- und Trendbarometer 2017)

Flat rate services

Number of employees< 1011-5051-100101-500501-1000> 1000total (median)
Strategy concept from …3.0005.00010.0005.00010.0005.0004.250
Strategy concept to …6.00010.00018.50010.00050.00015.0008.000
Communication concept from …2.0002.6505.2502.5005.0006.0002.500
Communication concept to …4.0005.5009.0005.00030.00020.0005.000
Web site (concept) from …2.5003.0007.0003.0005.000 3.000
Web site (concept) to …5.0007.35013.5005.00020.000 6.000
Social media (concept) from …2.0002.5005.7502.2505.000 2.500
Social media (concept) to …4.0005.0008.7505.50015.000 5.000
Press release incl. distribution from …580750700750500650600
Press release incl. distribution to …1.0001.2001.0001.1002.5009001.100
Press talk from …1.5003.5002.6502.1505.0003.0002.650
Press talk to …3.0006.2506.0005.65010.0005.0005.000
Press conference from …2.5005.0005.0005.00010.0004.0004.000
Press conference to …4.2508.50011.2506.50050.0008.0007.250
Brochure, magazine (per page) from …3005006503751.000400400
Brochure, magazine (per page) to …5007901.0005251.500600600
Monthly retainer from …1.5002.2502.2503.5003.0003.0001.500
Monthly retainer to …5.0007.00014.0008.00050.0008.0006.000
Image and reputation analysis from …2.5004.0005.6003.5005.000 4.000
Image and reputation analysis to …7.7508.00015.0006.50030.000 8.000
Communications audit from …7.5006.0008.0004.75015.000 6.000
Communications audit to … 20.00014.00010.00050.000 14.000

(expressed in Euro (free value input, „from … to…“, median), n=102, Source: DPRG Honorar- und Trendbarometer 2017)

Influencer relations and SEO PR missing from DPRG trend barometer

The table demonstrates that public relations is largely about classic activities – now supplemented by social media. Blogger relations and influencer relations are not explicitly mentioned, however. So it would be helpful if the DPRG were to publish a new trend barometer again after many years.

The service SEO PR is also missing. By this we mean public relations work in the online sector with the main aim of improving a client’s Google ranking. We combine online PR with classic SEO measures on the client’s website (on-page optimization) and supplement this with further PR measures that are very SEO-oriented (off-page optimization). This hybrid service can only be offered by a few PR agencies that have a deeper understanding of SEO (see also SEO PR, part 1 and SEO PR, part 2).

We offer this service and distinguish ourselves from the SEO agencies by the fact that we, as PR professionals, think very strongly along the lines of content, while the SEO specialists take a more technical approach. We are convinced that this search engine PR will become even more important in the next few years, because customers want to be on Google page 1 and be as high up there as possible when the decisive keywords are searched for.

Conclusion and summary of the most important points

The cost of PR varies greatly, depending on factors such as the agency, the market and the scope of the desired services. In general, costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros per month. It is important to have a good PR concept, in which the budget is shown transparently.


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Jonathan Klimke, CEO of the German PR agency Industrie-Contact (IC)

Jonathan Klimke, CEO of the German PR agency Industrie-Contact (IC)

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