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Green Cola for Bloggers

New tasty client

Industrie Contact (IC) has gained the new tasty food & beverages client, Green Cola. The first step is to give bloggers an understanding of this new drink.

Green Cola strikes the ravages of time! The last few years have clearly shown that consumers watch their diet more closely and choose more natural products. The special composition of ingredients gives Green Cola a unique selling point in comparison to ordinary cola products. With the combination of natural stevia and aromas as well as natural caffeine from green coffee beans, the cola renounces sugar and is therefore also very suitable for people with special nutritional needs, for example diabetics or athletes. And vegans will also enjoy Green Cola.

Even though Green Cola has close to no calories (only 0,6 kcal/100ml), there are no cutbacks in taste. As for it’s lively fresh flavour and the incomparable natural sweetness through stevia, Green Cola is a refreshing taste sensation.



phosphoric acid


sodium cyclamen


natural aromas

natural caffeine from green coffee beans

natural sweeteners from the stevia plant

The distribution in Germany is run by Greeky’s GmbH, Karl-Rohm-Weg 13, 71686 Remseck.

Please contact IC for media inquiries: +49 40 899 666 0 oder


More information

Green Cola on Facebook: Greencolagermany



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