The Marketing Trend 2023

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The Marketing Trend 2023

Digital Customer Experience

In addition to ongoing trends such as AI and automation, new trends will increase and change the market in 2023. predicts that trends such as the metaverse and NFTs will continue to gain importance and relevance in the coming year. Other trends are coming. They all have one thing in common: it’s all about the Digital Customer Experience.

Virtual reality extends physical reality

In the virtual reality of the Metaverse, reality and technology are to be united to virtually extend physical reality. As early as 2022, the Metaverse had generated a lot of attention among marketers, as it can be used to create a completely new customer experience. Thus, this trend has a high marketing potential for brands and companies in 2023. In the coming year, Meta wants to further expand the virtual universe and is founding the Metaverse Academy in France for this purpose. It will be interesting to see what will be researched and taught there.

Non-fungible tokens as exclusive offers

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that are traded and used like cryptocurrencies. They became relevant for companies in 2022 as they opened the door to new target groups. In the coming year, NFTs will continue to gain importance for brands: Just recently, Instagram provided its users access to NFTs via digital collectibles, which can be used in the Metaverse. The close interconnection with the Metauniverse makes NFTs an important trend for 2023.

Data protection and consent management

Other trends are data protection and consent management. For companies, this raises the central question of how data protection can be complied with in the future without compromising the customer experience. In a survey by the portal Statista, for instance, two-thirds of all respondents said they were annoyed by cookie notices.

Discovery Commerce

With Discovery Commerce (DC), consumers discover products they might never have looked for themselves. DC introduces customers to products and brands that match their tastes. Instead of people looking for products, the products come to the people.

New apps

Social media apps come and go. Just recently, BeReal created a big buzz. It reminds users once a day via push notifications. Users have two minutes to take a photo with the BeReal app and post it on their account. The special thing about this is that a photo is taken with both the front and rear camera at the same time. In 2021, the Clubhouse app caused a similar big trend.

2023 Forecast

All in all, most of the trends from 2022 will remain relevant in the coming year. But companies should always keep an eye open for innovations. Since the marketing and especially the social media industry are in constant flux and new, refined target groups are constantly emerging, it is worthwhile to always adapt one’s own marketing strategy with regard to new trends. This increases the potential for retaining existing customers and gaining new ones.



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