Communication trends 2022

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Communication trends 2022

What trends are emerging in the field of digital marketing in 2022 as a result of Corona?

The Corona pandemic has had a massive impact on many over the past year and a half. But Corona did not bring only negative things with it. Particularly in the areas of communication and digital marketing, the pandemic gave rise to new trends – in some cases it also acted as a catalyst for existing developments. The Swiss marketing expert and coach Roger L. Basler de Roca has published an article on the professional network LinkedIn with the most important trends and developments of the coming year.

A hybrid form of communication

Online conferences and video calls have not just been around since Corona. Nevertheless, before the pandemic, this form of communication was considered by many to be rather disadvantageous. Face-to-face contact, it was said, would be eliminated. There could also be technical problems during the call.

Then, when the pandemic picked up speed in March 2020, there was no choice but to switch to virtual meetings. And quite quickly, the advantages of this form of communication were recognized: no more long journeys, more flexible scheduling. And our climate is also relieved by the reduced impact of traffic, a point made not least by the German Federal Environment Agency.

Of course, the video call will not completely replace the face-to-face meeting. Personal contact with customers, employees, etc. is too important. However, most people will no longer completely forego the advantages of the video call. We can therefore look forward to a hybrid mix of face-to-face and online communication in the future.

Videos on the rise

Due to the limitations in everyday life, especially in leisure activities, most people now had one thing above all else: time. To keep busy, many have started to entertain themselves online. The volume of video content accessed on popular platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and the like has risen by 80% within a year. Providers of professional content, guidebooks and explainer videos also benefited.

The shift in communication from classic internet tools to video content is expected to continue to intensify in 2022. This will be noticeable not least in business, where companies are shifting their advertising toward video content. Important here: short and concise videos. At most, the video should be 30 to 60 seconds long. Depending on the product or intent, even a 15-second video will do, which is the length of a classic TikTok video.

Influencer marketing as an advertising channel that continues to establish itself

Influencers are becoming more prominent due to the rise in video usage. The younger generation in particular is more likely to feel addressed by influencers than by classic advertising. This is now benefiting above all those influencers who are proving to be a promising advertising medium for companies. However, not only the so-called macro-influencers with a high reach come into question for this. Micro-influencers are those influencers who have a smaller, but often more active audience that is enthusiastic about very specific topics. This stands out as another opportunity for companies to address their advertising to target groups in marketing.

Social responsibility – sustainable and transparent

If, for once, politics or public discourse was not about the pandemic, the main focus was on the environment and climate, justice and fair trade. This shows that companies, too, are increasingly committed to acting in accordance with ethical principles. A good image is becoming increasingly important for companies, as many consumers want to live and buy consciously and sustainably. One point that is also becoming increasingly relevant for many customers is transparent corporate communication. Users unease about the non-transparent handling of data is an important driver here.



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