Communication in times of Corona

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Communication in times of Corona

What readers and writers should consider now

Corona dominates the media, the serious and the untrustworthy. Important news mixes with fake news on our smartphone display. We all have to keep a clear head now. Here are a few tips for readers and writers of news in times of Corona:

Our 6 recommendations for readers of news:

  1. If possible, only follow media that are journalistically serious (e.g.,,,
  2. Be suspicious of reports that are spread via social media that sound lurid and spread panic.
  3. Hold yourself back from sharing too many messages on Corona so that we don’t all go into a permanent state of alert together.
  4. Keep an eye out for news that will help us to act in a more appropriate and better way for the community.
  5. Turn off the smartphone or at least the news alerts for several hours. Being permanently on and communicating bad news can put a strain on the mind.
  6. Simply read a book (audio book is also possible) or a magazine that does not live from the daily news. Listen to nice music, bake a cake and communicate with friends via phone, Whatsapp, Skype etc. (with a picture it is even nicer when you are not allowed to meet).

Our 6 recommendations to news writers:

  1. Write about positive things – for example about helpful ideas, projects and products that help to master the corona situation.
  2. Always write for your clients and media in a responsible way.
  3. Generally write more about things that help to make the stay at home as pleasant as possible. What are the best books right now? Which music is especially beautiful? What great products are there that put a smile on our faces when we live in seclusion?
  4. Help companies and other organisations to master the challenges of internal and external crisis communication.
  5. Convey to people that crises can be overcome and show that we are not the first people to have to go through a hard experience.
  6. Report on how wonderful life will be again after Corona.



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