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IC interns win start-up pitch with “The Female Company”

Ann-Sophie Claus and Sinja Stadelmaier, two former IC trainee students, have ventured into self-employment and founded The Female Company. Even better: In the Burda Bootcamp in front of about 600 guests they showcased their start-up and reached first place.

Don’t hate your period!

The business idea is exciting. The two founders are committed to the removal of taboos during the menstrual period and want women to have tampons at all times and places. These tampons are made of 100% organic material and offered via an online shop where one can purchase subscriptions.

Organic tampons always available

Ann-Sophie and Sinja write on their website how they came up with the business idea: “During our travels through Vietnam and India in 2016, one thing has become clear to us: the menstrual cycle is annoying. 16 hours bus ride, no toilet, no sink. In gym class the period brought us an apology – but otherwise only anonymous conversations with the bathroom neighbor:’ Shh, did you bring a tampon?’. We know this – and we want to change it. We want to make sure that there is always a The Female Company box near you. At your home, at your favorite café or in the ladies’ room of your workplace by distributing them to your boss. We have to start somewhere – with our home tampon subscription for your home.”

For a good cause

For every organic tampon sold, a hygiene product is supplied to women who cannot afford the right care – for example in women’s shelters or refugee accommodation.


More information

Web: The Female Company
Insta: thefemalecompany



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