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Broker Relations

Marketing exclusive luxury properties in the DACH region

We have been working for clients with luxury real estate for many years. The focus is on press relations in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland). In addition, we establish direct contacts for our clients with real estate agents in the DACH region who understand the luxury segment (“Broker Relations”).

Within the framework of Broker Relations, we specifically analyze the broker market for our clients, for example in wealthy regions such as Hamburg, Munich or Düsseldorf. We clarify the following key questions:

  • Does the broker know anything about luxury real estate and are such properties visible on the website as offers?
  • Is the broker only active locally, regionally or in the German market, or does he also market foreign properties?
  • For example, is the agent especially familiar with the Spanish market and here again with a specific region, such as the Canary Islands – i.e. where our client offers luxury villas or luxury apartments?
  • What collaborations does the estate agent offer?
  • Does he only present objects passively or does he also actively advertise them?
  • Is he open to putting together tailor-made marketing packages with the client?
  • Is the broker willing to meet for a first meeting with the client and us?
  • Is he willing to travel to the location of the properties in the second step to view the properties and have in-depth discussions on site?

This analysis already greatly limits the circle of potential partners, especially with regard to certain regions. In the next step, individual talks with the potential partners can be arranged. These talks will in turn reduce the narrow circle again, so that in the end exactly the right brokers are identified and won.

A similar procedure is also possible in the German-speaking neighboring markets of Austria and Switzerland.

The aim is not to work with all brokers, but to find the best solutions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – taking into account territorial and exclusivity requirements. After all, our customers are very keen to establish long-term business relationships.



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