Blogger Relations as a PR measure

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Blogger Relations as a PR measure

Bloggers are more authentic than advertising

For some years now, companies have been using influencers to market their products, and new areas such as blogger relations as part of influencer marketing have found their way into PR agencies.

The biggest difference between the new communication branch by influencers and classical advertising ambassadors is authenticity. Influencers usually move within a small range of defined subject areas. Thus, they appear more credible for the target group and possess the trust of the followers. This enables them, as experts in their respective fields, to make assessments, recommendations and tips.

Influencers must fit the brand

For a cooperation with influencers, it is important to differentiate whether they fit the brand of your own company. Such a cooperation is only successful if the influencers continue to be perceived as authentic by the target group when advertising a new brand.

Identifying the right influencers – that’s how it works

Chris Jungjohann, head of Takumi, has put together 10 tips to help you find the right influencers:

  • The influencer should have at least 50 posts and 1000 followers
  • His first post should be at least 3 months old
  • The influencer must come from a country suitable for the company
  • His profile must be publicly accessible
  • The quality and authenticity of the followers are checked by random sampling
  • The engagement rate should be at least one percent
  • The hashtags used must be checked. This is about correct advertising labelling, but also about dubious methods of reach building such as “#follow4follow”
  • The influencer should have at least twice as many followers as following accounts
  • The number of posts matches the number of followers
  • The quality of the content is consistently high




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