Black Friday 2023: PR and online marketing in Germany

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Black Friday 2023: PR and online marketing in Germany

PR in Europe for E-commerce companies on Black Friday

Black Friday is becoming more and more popular every year in Germany. Many brands use it to increase their online business in the run-up to Christmas. Many consumers look forward to the annual sales event with special offers and discounts. Thus, Black Friday is one of the most important sales events of the year for both brick-and-mortar retailers and online retailers (such as Amazon). Targeted online PR and digital marketing including influencer relations as well as social media communication can help international brands in particular to significantly increase their online sales in Germany during Black Friday and boost their visibility and reputation.

When is Black Friday?

Friday, November 24

In 2023, Black Friday traditionally takes place on the Friday before Thanksgiving in the USA. Originally, the day originated in the United States and US Americans classically use it as a straddle day to do their first Christmas shopping. Since online shopping has become increasingly popular and competition for retailers, online retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn, Zalando, and many more also advertise big savings on the Monday after Thanksgiving, the so-called Cyber Monday. Online retailers will also provide each other with great offers on Cyber Monday 2023.

To get the most out of Black Friday 2023, it is essential to focus on the most relevant communication channels of the target group to be reached. Depending on the industry, product, and target group, it may be worthwhile to develop a PR and online marketing campaign in Germany specifically for Black Friday. Social media communication and influencer marketing are becoming increasingly effective for this purpose.

Influencer Marketing and Social Selling: Relevant Tools for Black Friday

In influencer marketing, brands cooperate with selected influencers who present discount codes, competitions, or raffles for the respective products in their posts and stories on their channels, so that their followers are informed and ultimately encouraged to make a purchase. The most relevant platforms for such a strategy are Instagram and Facebook. But TikTok is also becoming increasingly popular, especially with a younger target group.

In addition to content production for their own channels and influencer marketing, paid campaigns in the form of social ads also lend themselves to social media communication. Social ads are paid advertisements that appear in a targeted manner in the user’s history. This instrument is particularly suitable for advertising special deals with a wide reach and targeted to specific groups in order to ultimately generate potential sales without detours.

Book German PR agency for Black Friday 2023

Developing and implementing a social media strategy specifically for Black Friday requires experience and specialized expertise. It also offers the opportunity to respond to customer feedback and improve the service. A well-thought-out social media presence can thus contribute significantly to the success of Black Friday promotions. Industrie-Contact has already supported a number of end consumer brands from Germany and abroad (for example from China) in providing communications support for Black Friday campaigns in Germany.

Uwe Schmidt, CEO of the German PR agency Industrie-Contact (IC)

Uwe Schmidt, CEO of the German PR agency Industrie-Contact (IC)

Whether large campaigns with high-reach influencers on Instagram or smaller online campaigns with social ads, we are happy to advise you on Black Friday PR and communication.

Together, we can work out a plan to make the best use of your budget and ultimately get the most out of Black Friday for your brand.

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What is Black Friday?

On Black Friday, retailers and online merchants offer big discounts on their products to encourage potential customers to make a purchase. The annual sales forecasts show that Black Friday is worthwhile. German online shoppers forecast spending of 5.7 billion euros in 2022 for the two campaign days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This means that the forecasts have increased by 1 billion euros compared to the previous year. A further increase is expected for Black Friday 2023.

Thus, Black Friday should not be disregarded for short-term sales increases and high profits. In addition, retailers can also use this day to increase their visibility, attract new customers, and increase the loyalty of existing customers.



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