Way of working

From the first information meeting to the proof of success

In our public relations campaigns, we always consider all factors that are important for the success of strategies and measures. These include the criteria of modern brand management and integrated communication as well as the consistent design of all activities for the customer based on sales success.

Added value through commitment

Our commitment does not end with fulfilling specifications and agreements, for example with regard to deadlines, costs and success, but goes beyond that: we think further, are proactive and creative, keep our eyes open for our customers to propose unconventional solutions if required.

Service quality through customer proximity

We see the world with customer eyes and try to make his life as easy as possible. Against the background of ever faster processes, increased workloads and tight schedules, our customers must be able to rely on us at all times. Constant availability, uncomplicated, fast help as well as transparent costs, processes and responsibilities are therefore a matter of course for us.

Stable relationships thanks to a long-term approach

Relationships with customers and suppliers as well as with journalists and other opinion leaders are long-term. We underpin this with a long-term relationship with our customers, several of whom have remained loyal to us for over ten years. On the employee side, we also rely on consistency, with about half of them working for us for more than ten years. Nowadays, public relations is always both: a great deal of experience with first-class contacts and fresh ideas. Our clients are supported by communications experts who specialise in specific sectors and topics. As permanent contacts, they have an open ear for all matters and make a trusting, open and close cooperation possible. At all times at least one of the contact persons is available for the customer.

Working method – a classic process:

This is a classic process that can be modified and adapted depending on the type and scope of the project. It is important to us that the client and the agency always know where a project is and how it can be completed to the satisfaction of both parties. The clearer the working method, the better the cooperation and the result.


Establishing contact


Briefing by the client


Rebriefing by the agency


Confirmation by the client


Concept development by the agency


Discussion of the concept


Approval by the client


Draft cooperation contract (on project or monthly retainer basis)




Signing the contract


Project realization


Success! 🙂

Project implementation in detail
  • Customer provides basic information
  • Agency checks the material
  • Agency implements
  • Customer releases of the respective work results of the agency
  • Regular coordination (e.g. weekly or monthly telephone conferences, or regular meetings, written reports from the agency for the client)
  • Rhythmic reports from the agency on the results achieved
  • Release of the report by the customer

What are the advantages of IC?

It is important to us that the client and the agency are always aware of where a project is and how it can be completed to the satisfaction of both parties.

We maintain an uncomplicated and very open relationship with our customers and are always there for them. We want our customers to have a partner in us who is able to carry out their work professionally and without any hassle.

Our team consists of experienced PR consultants who have worked for us for many years, as well as millennials and digital natives. This combination of experience and freshness guarantees the highest quality in planning and implementation.