Jürgen Klimke


Jürgen Klimke
Jürgen Klimke, Portrait Photo

Jürgen Klimke is Co-Owner of Industrie-Contact.

His main jobs are running the agency as well as corporate communications consulting.

Jürgen Klimke joined Industrie-Contact in 1984 and focused on the expansion of the German clientele. In 1988, the growth initiated by him led to the agency’s move to larger premises, today’s offices in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. In the 1990s, he divided up the German business with his business partner Uwe Schmidt. From 2002 to 2017, Jürgen, who is a member of the CDU, has been elected as a member of the German Bundestag where he had focused on development cooperation, foreign policy (especially South and Southeast Asia), the OSCE, economic development and the development of the greater Elbe region.

The future of communications

Jürgen Klimke is convinced that PR continues to be the better advertising. Not for nothing, advertisers and digital agencies are now pushing into the domain of PR: the editorial space. Content marketing and native advertising are, in the end, just a camouflage for the fact that the goal of the communications industry is the editorial contribution. The PR industry should therefore always pay attention not to let other disciplines get the better of them. PR also raises a journalistic claim: Jürgen emphasizes that the goal of communications cannot be a more or less badly disguised product placement. The media are the 4th power in society and should remain impartial. Fake news or alternative facts are not the right way to communicate.

A family guy who loves cooking

Jürgen Klimke is married and has four adult children. At home, he likes to cook for his family or even for the whole agency, specially good traditional Northern German fare cuisine.


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