Christiane Knudt

Commercial Assistant

Christiane Knudt
Christiane Knudt, Portrait Foto

Christiane Knudt works as commercial assistant offering a long track record of experience.

Christiane has been working for Industrie-Contact since the early 1990’s. Her professional knowledge is huge. She is a perfect organizer, fast worker and ready to resist high pressure situations. Hier field of activities covers commercial assistance, office management, accounting and real estate management.


Encompassing experience and passion for office management

Christiane Knudt joined Industrie-Contact (IC) in 1992. Before she worked for the customer service of Deutsche Telekom. At IC she completed her vocational training as office manager and took over the office management that she holds until today.


Crusade to Hawaii or explorer tour across Asia

Christiane loves traveling – especially throughout Asia. Discovering exotic places has fostered her open-mindedness and intercultural competence.